Friday, March 20, 2015

Animal are a necessity for Organic farm

When I asked the organic farmers how did they get rid of the pest. Some answered that they do not use insecticide and have to wash the insects off the leaf with water or removed them by hand. Another, said that they can use organic insecticide, such as a mixture of chilli powder and other herbs. I did see that taxi driver in Singapore uses Padang leaves to ward off cockroaches.
Perhaps there are better ways, as nature always kept the balance with another animal checking on one another.
The monitor lizard and the anteater, do helps to keep small animal and insects in check. ( Here a monitor lizard climb up one of the oldest tree in the Singapore botanical garden. They seems to be tame and they are quite a common sight in the garden. I suppose we can keep some of these in the organic farm too. As they are carnivorous an should not disturb the herb or the vegetable. Will have to study that. One should imagine the Organic farm as an organic garden instead, with animal and nature living in a symbiosis manner.

Monitor Lizard as Pest Control

Another perching at the base of the trees.

Here a squirrel is seen jumping and crawling among the trees. 

They can be the guardian against other animals.

Birds too can be the pond petrol.

Without a few huge and mystical trees, the garden will not have its longevity.  The Banyan tree would firmly established its existence. They are the abode of GOD.

Water and some plants

Tall trees becomes a place to picnic and they encourage a nice clearing below

Lovely tree bark

The multicoloured rotting floor.

Lovely gradation.

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