Monday, March 16, 2015

The Next phase of Organic Farming – The 5 acre site

We had a great lunch with a friend of Will's mother. He is a Pontiac residence and had remained so. He knew the place well and he is a source of information, provided us with advice and suggestion which makes planning much simpler.
At the oldest coffee shop at Pontian

Part of the Organic process uses the left over from the restaurant, market or saw mills to produce the organic fertilizer necessary for the healthy plants.
The 5 acre site is scenic and in it is a bird nest production house. We had heard before that old houses were a favorite source for attracting swallows to inhabit and one can then harvest the bird nest.

The Market

A visit to the Market at Pontian

The Site

5 acres, along route 95.

Right at the end along the west coast before Pontian town is a small scenic spot. Taman Rekreasi Pantai Rambah

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