Monday, March 16, 2015

Visioning and conceptualizing the Brief

Hope to see the group soon so I can get on with my planning works for their 5 acres of land.

Visioning Exercise

  1. How it started (History)
  2. Taking Stock • Current Situation • Current achievement
  3. Visioning
  4. Establishing objective and milestone – Where, Who do what, when why and How
  5. Site Understanding
  6. Establishing Schedule of Accommodation (SOA)
  7. Establishing timeline
  8. Brief formulation
  9. Establishing Resources needed
  10. Signing of Vision Statement
Nothing happened as the meeting never materialised.

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  1. 6. The site is 5 acres in area, consisting of 3 pieces of land. One most western piece is split by the bund running south to north. It is the smallest piece with about 1000m2. Another 2 pieces form a 'T' shape. The land is designated Agriculture, we are estimating that 10%-15% of the land can be use for auxiliary uses.