Thursday, March 12, 2015

Painting and Drawing with my son

It was a great blue day when we cross over to Johor, ate at my favourite restaurant (Dragon-i), had noodles and some double boil soup. Lawrence picked us up at the Levi entrance of the City Square mall. It is good to have a Nokia with GPS and the great apps, Photosynth. Yiyu had his Fuji X-M1 while I was without a pocket camera since my Canon S100 got its lens stuck. Canon S100 was a good camera to own as it has a GPS and every shot will be Geotag. However, battery will drain fast. I always had 2 spare batteries whenever I travel with it for documenting my journey. Well, Nokia with Photosynth apps serve me well too except the quality of the images cannot beat those taken by the S100.
We were here to create some art pieces for the Organic Farm set up by Lawrence and Will (and another partner which we had not met). The concept is amazing and needed to be tested. They had good results and they are looking forward to plan and bring their idea to the next stage. They will upgrade to the 5 acres land along Jalan Kukup Laut (95).
We arrived at their test-bed half acres land, had a little coffee and got down to work. The idea we had was to create a series of painting using water color, fountain pen and photoshop. The final output will be digital and the size can be adjusted during printing to suit the space at their rest house. Although it is an organic farm, art would play a part in creating an aesthetic environment that would stimulate the mind and the spirit.

The project was conceived with a methodical process of collaborative art creation. First Yiyu will photograph and investigate the farm and the interview the people involved in setting up the farm and planting the vegetables and fruits. He will document what he sees and I will then do a quick painting with watercolour on watercolour paper. After it dries, he will draw over the painting, inputting his interpretation, as a layer over my painting. Thereafter we intend to scan it into the computer and add colours to them.
Here are the unfinished works which are yet to be scanned into the computer.

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