Monday, March 23, 2015

Possible Animal to have in the Organic Farm

Photography by Choo Meng Foo & Zhu Shengyiyu • Text by Choo Meng Foo

The one animal that is commonly found in the tropics is the monitor lizard. They are carnivorous I suppose and they are always foraging for other smaller animals, insects or arthropods. They are a common sight in places with water and abundance of other animals. They are also common in places where there are dumps. Somehow, they are scavenger too. They could swim and walk on land; they are very versatile. They live quite happily with turtles and larger fishes. They could grow to slightly more than one metres long.

Some possible animal to consider

  1. Monitor Lizard
  2. Bird – Pigeon, White-breasted Water Hen, Mandarin Duck, Spotted Dove
  3. Frog – American Bull Frog (Not a good thing) 
  4. Dragonflies

Monitor Lizard as Pet

  3.  – A general description of the Reptile. A good Start.

The genus we photograph is possibly the Varanus Salvator or the Asian Water Monitor Lizard.

They come up on land whenever the weather is hot, especially during the mid-afternoon sun. They use to be a delicacy for the Chinese who are adventurous.

When the water is cooler, they will take a dip. They can grow to more than a meter long. Quite daunting for younger kids and toddlers. 

A close up of their heads. Somehow they resemble snake. Which they are referred to as 'four legged snake' in Mandarin. 

We followed him around and observing him, while he did his daily activities – hunting for smaller animals.

They are quite a climber. They can scale tall trees of 20 metres tall. They do it slowly though.

They perched and rest, waiting for the setting sun. 

They tower over at a vantage point, or perhaps a resting point. 

Continuing the journey up the tres, Tembusu tree. 

Foraging the soil and it digged along the fence looking for some worms or arthropods, perhaps. It's tongue constantly sticked into the soil. Perhaps tasting and tracing the where about of smaller animals that burrow in the soil.  Now we could see clearly that it has scissors like tongue. 

The head is multi-coloured in the setting sun. 

It is quite a towering creature. Always look up and hold still to listen to the surrounding, keeping alert to other bigger animals perhaps. 

A kind of pigeon. 

They are quite tame and prefer grains than vegetable leaves.

Very nice shades of different colours created by the small little algae and plants

Squirrel is a common sight. They love nuts and they eat the fruits from the palms.

The bark has interesting patterns. 


Some images of local birds –

Spotted Dove. 

White-breasted Water Hen. Shy and quick moving. 

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The America Bull Frog

I had heard them from the bushes among the little stream in the garden. However, I had never located them. I learned that the local who seek religious peace had released some into the Singapore Botanic garden. Perhaps the monitor lizard will keep them in check. 

The Flying Lizard

The scientific name seems to be Draco, as they change and fly perhaps. 

Flying Lizard. It is quite a rare sight in the garden. They could fly and they changes in colour to match their environment. They freezed whenever they think they are in danger. They are nice to watch and totally harmless, I believe. 

The colours changed a little when the sun went into hiding and the street lamp were turned on.

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