Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yoga as a way of living

Yoga is not about exercises, especially most would be familiar with the Yoga posture, but it is about a way of living and achieving oneness with the greater being of the self. Achieving knowledge and spiritual well being is an important part of our being. Of course we do not despise the material and privilege the immaterial, nor the spiritual. The spiritual dwells in the material and the mundane. It is through the mundane that we learn to see its necessity and the futility of life. On meditating on its emptiness we see the wondrous landscape of this journey of life. Life is that journey we take and there is nothing else beyond. No matter how much we desire the desirable, all desires and the desired, the acquired shall perish in the instance of unconsciousness. Nature and yoga shall within the holistic living arena, provide us an answer to our existence and a way of life.

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